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Eyebrow Treatment



With microblading, you can give your brows new life, thicken and shape the way your eyebrows look, and finally throw those eyebrow pencils away! Microblading is the addition of a semi-permanent pigment to your eyebrows, which can be added in as little as a couple of hours and will provide the lasting solution you are looking for.

At Causey Med Aesthetic, we have seen microblading change the way our clients look and feel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We can help you add a natural pigment to your brows, give shape and color where it is needed, and leave you feeling confident that this important facial feature will make a great impression!

During your FREE consultation, all your questions will be answered. We will discuss what your expectations are for your brows — color, shape, thickness, etc. The process of microblading will be reviewed in detail so that you are prepared the day of the procedure. You will also be provided with a prescription-grade topical anesthetic to make you microblading procedure virtually painless.

Proper after-care is essential once your microblading appointment is complete, so here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You’ll want to protect your new eyebrow pigment by avoiding water and sweat.
  • We’ll give you a protective, healing ointment to use as part of your after care.

  • It’s important not to pick or scratch at your eyebrows, as this could affect the result and leave you with an uneven texture.

  • Avoiding the sun and tanning beds for about two weeks after microblading will ensure that you avoid fading or skin damage.

With microblading in Baton Rouge, you can finally throw those eyebrow pencils away!.

What’s the best part about microblading? You’ll only need to touch it up once per year, which means you can say a long goodbye to those eyebrow pencils! Contact us at Causey Med Aesthetic to learn more about microblading and to schedule a FREE consultation. We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have questions about our upcoming Microblading services, contact Causey Med Aesthetic today to schedule an appointment!

MIcroblading in Baton Rouge, LA

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