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Meet Dr. Danielle

Image by Paweł Czerwiński
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Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, Dr. Danielle Causey attended the University of Louisiana Lafayette (ULL) for undergrad prior to relocating to Baton Rouge for her postgrad education at LSU.  After graduating from LSU Health Science Center School of Dentistry in 2012 she began practicing dentistry and aesthetic medicine in Baton Rouge and Prairieville at her practice Dental Care Group. Dr. Causey focuses her dental practice and continuing education, in cosmetic dentistry, including smile design, implant restorations, implant dentures, veneers, Invisalign, and preventative dentistry.

Dr. Danielle Causey’s journey into aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dentistry was motivated by a love of art and beauty. Frequently after Dr. Danielle would finish restoring a beautiful smile, her patients would mention other areas of their face that they wanted to enhance. Being patient-driven, the patient’s requests inspired Dr. Causey to continue her training in the field of aesthetic medicine.


“In the evolving field of aesthetics, the best possible results require continual training and constant perfecting of my techniques.” 


Dr. Causey has trained through the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine and is currently in pursuit of a fellowship. She has also trained under the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.

Dr. Danielle is proud to be a Master Injector and Facial Aesthetics ExpertAt Causey Med Aesthetic we offer only FDA-approved injectables purchased directly from their manufacturers. Master Injectors like Dr. Danielle also offers a wide variety of injectable options and use state-of-the-art equipment and protocols. Dr. Causey is proud to maintain these high standards to provide our patients extra peace of mind for their health and beauty.

"Facial Aesthetics and Dentistry are my passion, I absolutely love going to work every day! I am also incredibly passionate about offering our patients the best quality products and services. At the end of the day, I want to be proud of the work that I've done."

When Dr. Causey is not practicing facial aesthetics and dentistry at Causey Med Aesthetic or practicing dentistry at her other locations, she is spending time with her husband Dr. Drew Causey, and their two young sons. Dr. Causey is an amateur artist in her spare time and can frequently be found in her home studio painting, sculpting, and making jewelry.

Dr. Causey feels that her love for art and beauty, her natural skill with her hands, and her great empathy for people are what drives her to be an excellent clinician and what makes her a talented provider of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dentistry.

"One of the first things that someone notices are your face and your smile. Being able to create beautiful smiles and help build happy, confident people across Baton Rouge ... who could ask for anything more? "

~Dr. Danielle Causey

Meet Dr. Drew

Medical Director

Born and raised in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, Dr. Drew has lived in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas his entire life. Dr. Drew Causey is married to Dr. Danielle Causey and together they have two young sons. His hobbies include inshore fishing, DIY landscaping, home-brew, photography, and planning unique vacations.

Dr. Drew graduated from Catholic High School in Baton Rouge in 1998. He then attended LSU, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with honors in 2002. Dr. Drew’s medical education took place at LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans where he obtained his M.D. in 2006. He then trained at Ochsner New Orleans, completing his Internal Medicine residency. Dr. Causey maintains board certification in Internal Medicine and has been practicing as a hospitalist at Our Lady of the Lake since 2010.

“I have been interested in pathological aging and metabolic health starting well before my formal medical education.” 

As a hospitalist caring for serious acute illnesses and for chronic progressive diseases, Dr. Causey is a daily witness to many devastating but preventable metabolic diseases.  He feels the evidence is now indisputable, connecting diet and body weight to metabolic diseases and even cardiovascular health.  Metabolic diseases include type 2 diabetes, premature hardening of the arteries, elevated blood pressure, low thyroid, and elevated blood lipids.  In his role at Causey Med Aesthetic, he has the opportunity to intervene before these metabolic diseases and their downstream effects strike, providing motivated patients with knowledge, noninvasive treatments, and encouragement to improve their weight and overall health.

“I do not intend to replace your PCP, cardiologist, or endocrinologist.  However, my complementary focus on your weight, lifestyle and metabolic health should make their job much easier and allow you to take far less medication.”

At Causey Med Aesthetic, Dr. Drew Causey is the medical director with a particular focus on medical weight loss and hormone replacement programs. He is committed to impacting his patients’ lives by empowering them to take control of their weight and reign in some aspects of aging in order to prevent chronic illnesses and live healthier, happier lifestyles. He uses only sound science and evidence-based medicine to formulate his protocols.

“A modest and lasting reduction in your weight is very easy to achieve with the right techniques and will do wonders for your overall appearance, cardiovascular health, joint burden, and energy level.

I can provide you with the knowledge and techniques needed to take control of your weight and feel your best at any age."

~ Dr. Drew Causey

Image by Paweł Czerwiński
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Reilly Clark
Dr. Danielle's
Medical Assistant

Laser Technician
Reilly Clark

I am an Aesthetic and Skin Care Lover. 

I love working at Causey Med Aesthetic and assisting Dr. Danielle Causey. Helping our clients feel more confident and in love with the way they look and feel allows me to feel accomplished every day!

 My goal is to make my clients feel like the best & most youthful version of themselves. 

I became part of the Causey Med Aesthetic team in 2020 after 6 years of high-end customer service. Working to master the technique of the best customer experience guided me to where I am meant to be.  All there is to say is, I found my home at Causey Med Aesthetic, and I am in love with everything about what I do and all the staff! I couldn't be happier to be given this opportunity and I am beyond excited to pursue my career as part of the Causey Med Aesthetic team.  

Since joining the Causey Med Aesthetic team and Graduating From National Aesthetic Laser Institute with my Aesthetic Laser License, I have completed additional certifications in Micro-needling Skin Pen & Plasma Pen.


I am a high spirited person with a big personality and a great sense of humor, lover of sewing and making my dreams come to life!

"Filler may not buy happiness but I'd rather cry with plump lips."

Meet Dr. Drew

Nikki Watts
Front Desk 


I am a skincare fanatic, product junkie and ingredient nerd, and passionate about what the beauty industry has to offer. 

I've always wanted to be in the beauty industry, to be part of an environment that not only made people look pretty but FEEL pretty.


I graduated from Paul Mitchell as a licensed cosmetologist in 2020. 

My outlook on beauty and aesthetics is that we should love the skin we're in, were the ones that have to wear it every day.

So, how great is it that if we are not 100% satisfied with the condition of our skin, there are doctors, cutting-edge technology and medical-grade products that can help us achieve the look and happiness that lies within? 

This is one of many reasons why I have a strong appreciation for Dr. Danielle, and the staff here at Causey Med Aesthetic, I am honored to be part of this team. When you call, message or come into the comforting atmosphere at Causey Med Aesthetic, I am usually your first encounter, and I strive to make your experience unforgettable.  

I love being at the front desk, answering your questions, and preparing you for next beauty adventure. If I can bring a smile to your face, then that is a win for me. 

Outside of what I do day to day here at Causey Med Aesthetic, first and foremost I am a Mom and I love being a Mom, my daughter is my best friend and some of our favorite memories and free time is spent at the softball field. 


Meet Dr. Drew

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