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General Dentistry

At Smile Studio, our dental procedures involve treating the patient’s oral health in a professional and efficient manner. Our dental procedures range from simple cleanings to more serious oral health treatments. Adult teeth are not invincible and can sustain permanent damage that does not go away with brushing or flossing.

Our dental procedures can help to...


restore, replace or repair teeth

By scheduling an appointment, in our Baton Rouge office, we will be able to help treat any pain your experience with your teeth and help to brighten your smile.

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Practicing good oral hygiene, along with regular checkups, is essential for maintaining good health. Your teeth and gums impact the health of the entire body. If you don't take care of them, you can get sick more often and increase your risk for diseases. Things like cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay can cause incredible pain that makes it difficult to enjoy life, let alone your favorite foods. At Smile Studio, we understand the importance of maintaining good oral health and provide general dentistry care to help our patients live life fully. 

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Peridontal Disease

Periodontal disease – also known as gingivitis and periodontitis – is most easily identified by the visible symptoms it causes as it progresses. In its beginning stages, a periodontal disease often causes no symptoms at all, making it difficult for the average person to notice. Periodontal disease is a highly common infection of the periodontal tissues (gums and bone) that are responsible for supporting the teeth. These infections are caused by bacteria that grow on the teeth near the gum line due to poor brushing and flossing practices. With time, bacteria begin causing inflammation in the gums, which may result in reddening or gums that are tender, swollen, and easily bleed. As bacteria continue to proliferate, the teeth may begin to appear longer due to a receding gum line. Eventually, pockets may begin to form between the gums and teeth, which can lead to loosened teeth or total tooth loss.

Other symptoms of periodontal disease may include chronic bad breath and mouth sores. Allowed to progress untreated, an advanced periodontal disease may cause pain, receding gums, and pockets between the gums and teeth. Known as periodontitis, this type of periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among American adults – even more so than decay.

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Full mouth rehab involves one or several restorative dental procedures to restore and replace the teeth in a person's mouth. Full mouth reconstruction is a specialty service offered at Causey Med Aesthetic's Smile Studio.

People with multiple oral health issues such as tooth decay, missing teeth, or damaged teeth may benefit from full mouth reconstruction. No matter the cause, people will find it incredibly challenging to live without a full set of functional teeth. Fortunately, we can use full mouth reconstruction to restore both the functionality and appearance of teeth.

Instead of only focusing on one aspect of the mouth, we can help address multiple aspects. Along with ensuring that the teeth are customized to fit each patient's unique needs, we will replace missing teeth to create a uniform smile. This way, they can enjoy the benefits of a functional and sturdy set of teeth that also provide a great, natural appearance.

Full Mouth Rehab

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Mention the term ‘root canal’ to anyone and their first instinct may be to flinch. In the past, this now-common dental
procedure used to involve a fair amount of pain and discomfort. Today, however, the advancement of anesthetics and modern dentistry has made root canals much less intimidating for patients.

While teeth can seem invincible pearly whites that break down food and help make a great smile, they have layers and can weaken over time. Without proper care, a tooth can sustain enough damage to expose the inner layer, known as the dental pulp. Infected dental pulp will cause varying levels of pain when eating, speaking or at any time of day.


Fortunately, we can help.

We can use root canal treatment to help remove the infected dental pulp, preventing the spread of the infection to other teeth and helping to relieve pain. This procedure will also help to protect the tooth from further infection. Root canal procedures may be the sturdy and lasting solution to an infected tooth.

If you notice pain or sensitivity in a tooth, call us and schedule an appointment to see if root canal treatment can help.

Root Canals

Crowns & Bridges

Nobody ever anticipates the day their teeth are going to get damaged or fall out, yet these issues still occur on a regular basis. Tooth loss has become such a common problem for people, that it has reached the point where nearly everybody will lose at least one adult tooth before they turn 75. For these patients, dental crown implants from Smile Studio can restore one’s smile as well as their remaining teeth after chips, splits, tooth rot, and various other types of damage have occurred. 


Set up an opportunity to come by our office at Causey Med Aesthetic, Dr. Danielle Causey, and Dr. Catrinel Jordan will check whether crowns or bridges are appropriate for you. It’s better to address any problems you have sooner rather than later. Getting a wonderful and nice smile might be significantly less expensive than you once thought. 

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Odds are, any time you are scheduled to visit your dental practitioner in Baton Rouge, LA, you're hoping that he or she won't discover a cavity. Actually, almost everyone has had a cavity or two at some time.


For patients who've gotten a cavity recently, it was probably handled with a tooth-colored filling. The current new version of the old, silver fillings, tooth-colored fillings are molded out of a composite resin compound that fills and closes off a cavity after the compromised area has been taken out. Unlike traditional fillings, tooth-colored fillings blend gorgeously with your natural teeth to keep them looking flawless.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Preventative Health

If you have not been to the dentist in a while, we invite you to schedule your dental checkup with Smile Studio at Causey Med Aesthetic. At our Baton Rouge dental offices, focusing on improving the health and appearance of our patient's smiles.


We understand that not everyone is excited about dental care, but we are firm believers that preventative management at home in between dental appointments is key to superb dental health.

Understanding how busy life can be, we aim to make receiving dental care as easy as possible. Our dental office is located in Baton Rouge, and offers flexible appointment times. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you can visit our office without having to take time off work. If you have a small window or specific request, let our office staff know so that we can be as accommodating as possible. 

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We work as a team to keep patients throughout Baton Rouge in excellent oral health. We can restore damaged teeth and transform smiles. Our friendly office team provides an office environment where patients can feel at home. We understand that visiting a dental office, is not always an enjoyable experience, and we aim to change that. From the moment you schedule an appointment to when you wait in the lobby, have your dental work done, and receive your bill, we offer the highest level of patient care and customer service we can. At Smile Studio, you can count on our team to be there when you need us.

General Dentistry Services in Baton Rouge, LA

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