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Let’s Talk About, BODY CONTOURING!  


Let's face it Baton Rouge, many of us have unwanted fat we are ready to get rid of and muscle we want to strengthen! We can help!  With Body Contouring at Causey Med Aesthetic, we will help you with a treatment plan that would best suit you and get started on your body-contouring journey! Let’s get burning, Baton Rouge! 

Body Contouring at Causey Med Aesthetic is non-invasive, and we are committed to ensuring our patients feel safe and secure.

We have created a boutique spa atmosphere, right here in Baton Rouge, that doesn't feel like a stuffy medical office.  We want you to feel comfortable while we help you Feel Better... Look Better... Live Better.


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Touchless Lipo - A system designed to eliminate unwanted fat. The treatment uses radiofrequency energy to heat fat cells until they are destroyed. This device is unique as it can be used to treat patients with a BMI range higher than 30. It is also the only device of its kind that can treat a large area of the body without significantly increasing treatment time.


Touchless Lipo eliminates unwanted deposits of fat and can eliminate up to 59% of fat cells. This means Touchless Lipo can achieve transformations to a greater degree than other contouring treatments can accomplish. The treatment can melt away inches of fat from the waistline, and yield slim inner and outer thighs.

This body contouring treatment does not involve a handheld tool and does not come in contact with the body. Instead, the treatment uses a harness system that wraps around the circumference of the treatment area. During the treatment, patients are kept comfortable, and the heat from the radiofrequency energy will not damage skin and tissue.


Ultimate Contour is a non-invasive procedure that is intended to change the appearance of the treatment area by using ultrasound and/or radio frequency (RF) energy to provide ultrasound lipolysis and uniform deep tissue heating for skin tightening and the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite. There is little or no downtime associated with this treatment. Ultimate Contour is not a weight-loss solution, and it does not replace traditional methods such as diet, exercise.

Ultimate Contour uses radio frequency energy to heat the deeper, collagen-rich layers of the skin. The applied heat causes collagen to contract and encourages new collagen and elastin resulting in the reduction of skin laxity, creating smoother skin.


Everybody is different, yet there is one constant. Body image impacts the quality of life.

Body Contouring from Causey Med Aesthetic is a Shape Shifter.

Body Contouring nonsurgical procedures resculpt either small focused areas or entire areas of the body, including fat reduction, muscle stimulation, and toning with energy devices.

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