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Plasma Facial

What Is a Platelet-Rich Plasma Facial?

You’ve probably heard of platelet-rich plasma facials, also known as PRP facials. A platelet-rich plasma facial involves applying a sample of the patient's blood to the face, usually after microneedling or microdermabrasion. Rather than applying the blood immediately, Dr. Danielle Causey first isolates protein-rich plasma and platelets from the sample to create PRP.  The remaining platelet-rich plasma is what’s used in the facial process.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) works on the simple basis of utilizing your own natural blood cell platelets to instruct the body to create new collagen for tighter, smoother and well-toned looking skin. The activated plasma serum behaves the same way the body would respond if there were an actual injury – healing platelets rush in to create a rich fibrin mesh. This fibrin mesh in turn calls out to natural healing cells, releasing growth factors and stimulating the process of collagen production to energize and heal.

Simply put, a PRP facial uses your own blood’s platelets and plasma on your face. The natural chemicals in your own PRP are slathered onto your face and then micro-needled into the skin during a short procedure. Once the plasma is in, it begins to do its work of rejuvenating your entire face, tightening wrinkled areas, and smoothing the overall look. It’s able to do that because PRP’s essential chemical components stimulate collagen growth.

The more often you have a PRP facial, the longer the results of each treatment will last, which is about three to six months.​

Benefits of the Platelet-Rich Facial?

Our clients at Causey Med Aesthetic in Baton Rouge, LA have noticed many benefits from a PRP Facial treatment. Not only does it help the body create new elastin and collagen but it can virtually do away with wrinkles, acne scars, lines, stretch marks, and other types of scars. Plus, a PRP facial can deliver pronounced effects with better skin texture and tone.

PRP facial experts at Causey Med Aesthetic use the Skinpen micro-needling device. It enables our team members to perform the entire procedure with minimal pain and in a short period of time. The Skinpen essentially “stamps” the skin with very tiny needles. This unique treatment causes the body’s natural processes to go into effect. Skin begins to produce more collagen and elastin in response to the needling. Simultaneously, the body also responds to the platelet-rich plasma and works with it to create additional collagen and elastin.

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We understand that covering your face in blood may seem like an extreme way to rejuvenate the skin. But, platelet-rich plasma facials can provide dermatological benefits such as — helping smooth the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and scars for a more youthful look.  


Platelet-Rich Plasma Facial in Baton Rouge, LA

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