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Facial Aesthetics

Why Succumb to Time and Gravity if you Don’t Have To? 

At Causey Med Aesthetic, we know that every one of our patients has a unique story to tell – and the best course of treatment should begin with that in mind. We specialize in rejuvenation procedures for the face and neck, which means that when you come to Dr. Danielle Causey, you’re getting a top-quality expert focused on making you look your best.​ We combine meticulous technique and delicate artistry to provide each patient with a personalized, natural result that reflects their own inner beauty.

>> Do What Makes You Happy... <<

Facial Aesthetic Services at Causey Med Aesthetic Include: ​

  • KYBELLA®- When the targeted cells are destroyed by KYBELLA® , they can no longer store or accumulate fat. The best part is that clinical studies discovered KYBELLA® to be the only FDA approved injectable to produce permanent results. Where traditional weight loss has failed you, KYBELLA® can provide another option to reach your goals and lose that fat the gym hasn’t. There’s a reason this is everyone’s favorite fat-busting injection.  This is not a weight-loss procedure but instead is used for targeted fat reduction. KYBELLA® cannot help you with a six-pack or those extra 20 pounds, but it CAN help you with moderate to severe fat reduction in the chin, neck, jowls, face

  • Liquid Rhinoplasty - As the central feature of your face, your nose is a focal point for the overall balance and proportion of your appearance. When there is an imperfection or asymmetry in its form, it can throw your entire look off and make you more than a little self-conscious about your appearance. However, not everyone is ready to invest in surgical nose reshaping, which involves considerable cost and recovery time. For those individuals, Dr. Danielle Causey offers a quick, comfortable office procedure known as non-surgical rhinoplasty.



KYBELLA® is the first FDA approved, a nonsurgical injection used to destroy fat cells in the face, neck, and chin. This treatment is made with a formulation of deoxycholic acid, this naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown of fat. When injected into the treatment area, KYBELLA® causes the destruction of fat cells!

Liquid Rhinoplasty.jpeg


Liquid Rhinoplasty can also be performed on individuals that are considering surgical rhinoplasty but want to “try out” the new look before moving to more permanent results. It is important to note that while injectables can offer noticeable improvement, they will not produce the dramatic change that can be achieved with surgical correction. Dr. Danielle Causey will provide a comprehensive examination as well as a discussion of your needs and goals to determine whether nonsurgical rhinoplasty is the right choice for you.

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