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Causey Med Aesthetic in Baton Rouge is so excited to announce our NEW Medically Guided Weight Management. Losing weight, getting healthy, and maintaining is a challenge for so many. We get it. It’s hard to eat well and exercise every day, we are all busy and something “more important” tends to take priority. Dieting is often associated with foods that taste like cardboard, more math than anyone cares to take on, and constant hunger. 

Causey Med Aesthetic’s Medically Guided Weight Management is geared to help you meet your weight management goals, and live a healthier lifestyle. 


Losing weight on your own often feels unattainable, where do you even start?  Great News, you don’t have to try to lose weight on your own. Causey Med Aesthetic’s Medically Guided Weight Management  includes the expertise of doctors, coaches, and fellow members to support and reinforce your journey to a better you. 

Dr. Drew and the team at Causey Med Aesthetic will take a customized approach to your weight management. Your journey begins with a thorough FREE consultation and an evaluation that includes a review of your medical history and goals. Once your journey has been customised you will meet with Dr. Drew for further medical guidance and set your weight management goals. 

After setting realistic goals, the next step is to develop your customized weight management journey. The team at Causey Med Aesthetic incorporates a variety of effective services, so your plan is customized to you and your body.


Have you tried to lose weight but haven’t been able to reach your goal, or you lose weight but have a hard time maintaining, it’s a great time to join Causey Med Aesthetic’s Medically Guided Weight Management.


You’ll receive one-on-one sessions with Causey Med Aesthetic health professionals plus education and support on all aspects of weight management—from nutrition and meal plans to educational tools to customized guidance on how to continue on your weight management journey.


We would all love to wave a Magic Wand and the weight would just disappear,  but the reality is that lifestyle adjustments are important for long-term success. We have found that lifestyle changes, combined with medications and alternative services that aid in weight loss can be very effective.


Losing weight can be hard, but at Causey Med Aesthetic we can make it easier with medically guided, customized options to fit your individual needs. Take the first step toward a healthier, more enjoyable life. What Have You Got To Lose… Oh yeah… Weight!


Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For… Book Your Free Consultation Today!

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Book Your Free Consultation Today

Thank You for your interest in Causey Med Aesthetic's Medically Guided Weight Management Membership.

We will reach out to you as soon as possible. We can't wait to get started with you on your journey!

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Causey Med Aesthetic brings the most cutting-edge medical spa and aesthetic services to our clients in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Dr. Danielle Causey is committed to delivering natural-looking results supported by science and medicine while practicing in a safe and comfortable environment where you can feel free and empowered to share your aesthetic concerns and goals. 

Causey Med Aesthetic caters to men and women in a private and comfortable boutique setting conveniently located off E. Petroleum Drive in Baton Rouge. The team at Causey Med Aesthetic loves helping our clients feel more confident and attractive... it's exciting! To be a part of your transformation and to see you really feel good about yourself is very rewarding and a large part of why we do what we do. We have an aesthetic style that values a natural look, to enhance and compliment your own beautiful features, not to make you look like someone else. 


With the extra breadth and depth of knowledge of our registered and licensed professionals, you will receive an elevated standard of care. Causey Med Aesthetic offers an in-depth consultation before any treatment, so come with lots of questions, we want you to feel "at home" and comfortable when placing your trust in our team. 


Our team provides a comprehensive range of non-invasive aesthetic services including body and facial aesthetics, such as Kybella® and Laser Skin Services, and Wrinkle Relaxers like BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers to include but not limited to Juvéderm®. Causey Med Aesthetic offers the latest skin tightening services, Microneedling, PDO Threads, and Chemicals Peels. We invest in world-class technology including SkinPen and other radio-frequency devices designed for skin-tightening that will ensure your comfort and the ability to help us reach your aesthetic goals. 


Our commitment to training and research means you can be confident that the treatment we provide will be safe and effective. We never put profit before your well-being and use only products that have FDA approval and therefore have an impeccable clinical track record.

At Causey Med Aesthetic, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana we take the time to get to know you and to make sure your treatment journey with us is a pleasant and safe one. Our relationship is vital, and we ensure that our patients enjoy the benefit of one-to-one, individual attention.  

Feel Better ... Look Better ... Live Better

patient LOVE

As a first-timer with Botox, I wasn't sure what to expect, but Dr. Danielle made me feel so comfortable and explained everything she was going to do step by step... before I knew it, it was over... I never felt a thing...and I love my face more than ever!  Maybe...I have become a regular at Causey Med Aesthetic, should too! 

Amanda, Lafayette, LA
Causey Med Aesthetic Cutting Edge Medical Spa
Baton Rouge Medical Spa

I am not one that normally writes reviews but because of the wonderful experience I had with Dr. Danielle, I felt I must! From the ease of making the appointment, to the professionalism and passion that Dr. Danielle demonstrates, I was beyond impressed! She is not only knowledgeable but she is truly dedicated to her craft. She took the time to explain all aspects of my procedure (filler under my eyes) and was completely focused on me and my comfort level. The experience didn't stop there, Dr. Danielle checked on me the following day to make sure I was doing ok...I was really nervous...and had me send pictures so that she could reasure me that I was healing as I should. This was truly a remarkable experience for me and if I could give Dr. Danielle and Causey Med Aesthetic all the stars, I would. 

Erin, baton rouge, la

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Highly-trained, licensed, and experienced professionals, our Brows & Lashes  team is dedicated to providing exceptional treatments with the best possible care. No matter if it’s your first treatment or one of many, our team will be with you every step of the way to advise, support and make sure you receive the best results possible.


Every single one of us  can honestly say we love what we do for a living. We only recruit highly- skilled professionals, who posses a true passion for beauty and aesthetics, and always strive to learn more. We will go the extra mile to ensure that clients’ expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Get in touch today to book your next treatment with us.


As experienced professionals, each one of the staff members in our Hair Reduction Center has their own specialty. Together, we make a winning team of experts eager to serve our clients and achieve their treatment goals. We are always there to listen to our patients’ needs and concerns, and create a unique treatment plan for each of them. Give us a call today.


Our patient and friendly staff will make sure you feel comfortable and well-informed every step of the way. We’re a group of professional care practitioners who deeply value your health and wellbeing. We take great pride in providing our community with high quality, patient-centric care and aesthetic education. Check out our Body & Facial Aesthetic Services.

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