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Flower Fest Specials

Causey Med Aesthetics brings the most cutting-edge medical and aesthetic services to Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Dr. Danielle Causey and Dr. Drew Causey are committed to delivering forward-thinking treatment approaches that are results-oriented and supported by science and medicine. They are passionate about helping their patients to feel empowered on their health and aesthetic journey while practicing in a safe and comfortable environment.

Book a Cheeks Rebalance

Addresses cheeks & under eye balance & transition

Get 20 units of Tox or Micro Lipo FREE



Book Any VIP Lips Service

Get 20 units of Tox, Micro Lipo, or PDO Lip POP FREE


Book an Advanced Medical Facial

Includes Hydra Glow, IPL,& Mild Chemical Peel

Get a FREE MircoTox Skin Cocktail


Ultimate Contour Series Special

4 sessions for $599 ($150 ea)

6 sessions for $699 ($116 ea)

8 sessions for $799 ($99 ea)

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